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Weight Loss

“When I started this program, my weight was out of control, and my joints (especially my knees) ached.  I was sluggish and lacked enthusiasm to do anything physical. Since working with Jane, the following has taken place:

  • I have lost 127 pounds

  • My cholesterol has dropped to the level that the doctor took me off my statin

  • My blood pressure dropped to a very positive level

  • I have more energy and pep than I have had in 10 years

  • My knee pain has decreased significantly.

I am eating better than I have in years.  6 small meals a day and supplements have helped me gain control of my life.  This is not a diet.  It is a conscious decision to listen to my body, to work with Jane, and allow her to determine what my body needs and doesn’t want in it.  With her support, Jane has given me a new lease on life!"

Rob Sandusky from Somerdale, NJ

Heart Attack

“I want to thank you for your assistance and caring to improve my health! I am 55 years old, have Hepatitis C and in relatively good health, until I had a sudden heart attack last year. The doctors discovered that I had a 100% blocked circumflex artery. After that, I went on prescription medications with adverse side effects.

A couple of months later, I met Jane, a nutritionist, and she suggested diet and lifestyle changes to aid in the healing. Through the whole food vitamin supplementation and minor changes to my eating habits, I was gradually able to get off the prescription medications. A welcomed side effect from Jane’s recommendations is that I have lost 30 pounds, (without even trying)! I feel I have more energy and I now weigh what I did in High School! Also, through Jane’s guidance, the constant bursting of blood vessels in my eyes has not happened in over 6 months! Recently, my blood work showed better results than it has in many years!  Thank you again, Jane! I have been blessed by having met you and continuing to work with you!”

Mark from NJ

Childhood Nutritional Issues (Wow-What a difference a day makes!)

“When I began the search for a nutritionist, I was desperate and frustrated.  I thought that I knew a lot about food and was feeding my family the best I knew.  However, my 9 yr old son still had pink circles under his eyes and my 6 yr old son was getting canker sores frequently.  In my desperate search, I happened upon Jane’s website and was impressed with what I found there.  After consulting with her and implementing her suggestions, it only took a couple of  weeks to see the pink circles and the canker sores completely eliminated.  Not only did my son feel better,  his teachers commented that his schoolwork and his attention span improved. I have found Jane to be extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and kind.  My interaction with her has helped myself and my family in many ways.  As a mother, I feel empowered to teach my children how to maintain a healthy and life-giving diet.  Thanks, Jane!”

Monica M from Huntersville, NC

Weight Loss/Well Being

“Are you ready to change your life and your body?
Working with Jane as my nutritionist has been a really positive life changing experience! Jane was a Godsend in my life and she really knows her stuff and educates her clients properly. Words can’t describe all the ways her custom program has enhanced my entire being and totally shifted my body. I have lost over 46 pounds in 6 months! I have much more energy and the food I feed my body makes me feel super good. My self esteem and confidence have increased. I give my highest recommendations for Jane. What are you “weighting” for?”

BC Sedona, AZ


I’ve been thinking about you but I’ve been a little overwhelmed by things.  I had my embryo transfer on the 9th and found out today that I am pregnant!  Yay!!  So yes — the world is treating me very well!….Thank you for everything!! I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for your help!

R.Z. from NJ

“Since October 2012, I am a female in my mid forties that’s lost 50 pounds, gained my energy back, and I am able to exercise now without feeling sick or dizzy. I think Jane is the Rock Star of Nutrition!”

Dr. P from NJ

“Jane pointed me in the right direction with her knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  Jane’s passion for her work with doctors and their patients is special.”
Dr. Stephanie Latter, MS, DC

“With so much “nutritional” hype and information available today, it is not always easy to discern and convey to my patients Nutrients (as Goodheart said—“the materials”) that function in the body from Nutraceuticals.  A phone call to Jane is about the materials: the what, when and why the body needs them. “
—Fred H. Ringe, IV, D.C.


Heart Palpitations / Candida / 62-lb Weight Loss

"First I would like to say that I have gone to doctors for over thirty years trying to get help for so many issues and I was never helped by any of them, and is probably why I really have no faith in medical doctors. I am so glad I found you, because my life is beginning to change after six months with you. I have now lost 62 pounds, and please believe me I have tried just about everything to lose weight, but I was never able to lose more than 17 pounds. This has been the easiest weight loss of my life, it is just falling off with the new way that you have me eating.

I have had heart issues since my early 30’s and no doctor could help me, I think it was more that they didn’t know what to do to help me, the palpitations are so much better now, I do still have them if I forget to take my supplements but I can see that it’s only going to get better from here, just like the issues with my thyroid that I had are so much better now. I had one doctor put me on some pretty harsh drugs to try to kill the candida that put my liver at risk and it didn’t do anything for the candida. My candida right now, which was a very bad case of it by the way, is 90%-95% better, so I can see it won’t be much longer before it’s gone. I am about to start your cleanse and I am excited and can’t wait. I can’t wait to see what kind of improvements I will be seeing from this cleanse.

My knees seem to be a bit better and it’s easier than it use to be to climb steps. I have more energy and seem to not tire as easily, so my life is improving more and more the longer that I am with you. Thank you Jane for all you are doing to give me my life back."


Sue from Toms River, NJ

“I expressed to Jane my discouragement with the use of nutrition in my practice and she offered her help.  Not long after she came to my office and spent several hours with me helping me get started.  She has been there for any questions and help I have needed.”

Daryl Ammons, DC

Weight Loss for a Wedding

“Jane and I began working together last year prior to my daughter’s wedding.  I wanted to lose weight for the wedding, as well as become educated about my body.  Jane’s expertise and care helped me to lose several dress sizes before the wedding.  In the process, I learned a lot about how my body functions — what works for my body, and what doesn’t.   Jane’s nutrition plan enabled me to overcome my daily fatigue and brain fog.  It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you have more energy and are more alert.  If you’re ready and willing to do the work, Jane is right there with you!  Thank you Jane.   I greatly appreciate Jane’s incredible knowledge of nutrition as well as her intuitive insights into the ongoing needs of the body.”

Rev. Velma Alford from Louisiana

“Jane’s education and expertise in the field of nutrition has been paramount to our practice.  She has always been professional, courteous and has bent over backwards to help my wife and I, our patients, and our practice.”

—Edward J. Steel, DC, DACBSP


“I suffered with debilitating migraines for over 30 years. I tried prescription meds that had unwanted side affects, over-the-counter medications that hardly worked, missed an untold number of work days over the years, and suffered pain like I’d never known. Then I met Jane. I tried her cleanse – mainly to lose weight. The amazing side affect of the cleanse was the elimination of my migraines! I began my cleanse in April of 2011 and six months later I am still headache-free. I have changed the way I eat, have lost weight, and no longer suffer from migraines. Jane McNeil is a miracle-worker! Thanks, Jane!”

Bev from Sedona, AZ


“I have been working with Jane for over a year now.  When we started I suffered twice a year with serious sinus infections, fatigue, deep depression, and out of control weight gain.  After starting with Jane’s coaching for better food choices I could see where candida could be cleared.  A year ago I would have told anyone there was no way to clear candida.  Now I can say, “oh yes you can”.  With out Jane’s ability to test and make choices for my sensitive body I would have given up a long time ago on all of my physical and emotional issues and just make due.  Now I’m 25 pounds slimmer with out excessive exercises and am clear about my best food choices.  My depression is gone, and I haven’t had a sinus infection in over a year.  My doctor is delighted and I have saved much money on medical expense, futile food programs and useless supplements for my body.   I am healthier then I have been in a decade and have the stamina of my younger years, due to the rebuilding of my body and strength.  I am grateful."

GLF from Oregon

“Jane has worked with me for several years as a nutritional consultant. She is exceptionally perceptive and gifted at understanding issues that are causing distress and problems, both physical and emotional. Jane’s knowledge and concern for me have resulted in dramatic changes in my life, including weight loss, significantly improved digestive functioning, increased energy and a much greater sense of well-being. I have, and will continue, to recommend her to friends and colleagues. I have found her a delight to work with. Her caring and concern, coupled with a profound knowledge of nutrition, are a godsend.”

—Bob Rutter, Ph.D. from Sedona, AZ



“After suffering for several years with a once a month, migraine-type headache, I consulted with Jane for a resolution.  Upon evaluating my diet, it was apparent that my nutrition was predominantly carbohydrate based.  Even the organic flours, pastas, breads and fruits are full of sugar!!!!  Jane recommended a supplement schedule and the Eating Right Diet which I quickly and accurately adopted.  Within 3 months I no longer suffered with the monthly headache.  I was also ecstatic about having more energy, sleeping better and maintaining a patient, even demeanor throughout the day.  I am very blessed for having Jane on my side!!!!!!”

Amanda Cox, DC from North Carolina

21 Day Cleanse

” I would like to enumerate with gratitude the benefits I have received after taking your 21 day cleanse, and then the follow-up therapeutic diet until the present day.  After the first two days of the cleanse, I felt great relief regarding the digestive problems I’d been having.  My energy level was more consistent and I also lost the weight I wanted to lose!  My cholesterol dropped from 238 to 178 in just two and half months.  I experienced fewer and much lighter outbreaks of eczema on my legs, which usually plagues me in the summer.  I was much more resistant to the heat, and remained fully active during our long, hot summer.  Many thanks to you Jane for your guidance and expertise!  It has been a life changing experience for me."

J. Bortoff from Arizona

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