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Our Process

Nutritional Consultation Form

An in-depth profile about your history from childhood to adulthood.  Provides insight into how to support positive changes to your emotional and physical well-being.

Blood Work

I review your recent blood work to identify nutritional deficiencies and make tailored recommendations.  This process provides valuable insight into your current state of health, and areas for improvement.  After several weeks to months on your tailored nutritional plan, many patients like to have an additional blood draw.  I can compare your updated report to your original report which will help you understand the positive impact of your new lifestyle.

Food Journal Form

By reviewing your daily diet, I am able to evaluate the ways that certain foods are impacting your health.

Yeast Questionnaire

This is the easiest way to assess if yeasts are contributing to your health problem.  An imbalance of yeast can manifest itself in brain fog, digestion problems, and fatigue.

Initial Phone Consultation:
1.5 hours - $120.00

  •    Review of Body Assessment Tool

  •    In-depth Nutritional Exam

  •    Yeast Questionnaire

  •    Blood Work Review

  •    Individual Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  •    Counseling on Individual Stressors and Behaviors

Follow-Up Phone Consultations  (if necessary):
1 hour - $85.00

  •     Review of Body Assessment Tool (to review progress)

  •     Yeast Questionnaire (if needed)

  •      Blood Work Review

  •     Individual Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  •     Counseling on Individual Stressors and Behaviors

  •     Thyroid Questionnaire (if needed)

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